Brentwood Trading Company has been run by the Murphy family since 1965 but the family’s roots in home credit pre-date the modern business. Hugh Murphy Senior ran a drapery and home credit business in the 1920s and was later assisted by his son Hugh Junior in the 1940s. Later Hugh Junior bought Brentwood Trading Company in 1965 which has remained trading to this day. His son Brian took charge of the business as a sole trader in 1988 with Brian’s son Declan joining to create a trading partnership in 2011.

Home Credit Industry & The CCA

Brentwood Trading Company is part of the Home Credit Industry and a member of the Consumer Credit Association. As a member of the CCA we provide a very important source of finance to our customers. We afford our customers flexibility in terms of the amount borrowed, notice of loan requirement, and subsequent loans upon repayment. We do not deal in pay day lending. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Difference from Pay Day Lenders

Payday lenders provide loans that are expected to be repaid within a calendar month or at the date that the customer is paid from his / her employment. Whilst this may seem like a straightforward arrangement it can prove extremely difficult for people to repay in such a short time-frame and if the loan is renewed with additional interest the effect can be devastating.

Whilst we harbour no resentment toward payday lenders or would deny them the right to provide such a niche service, it is not in our experience an area which we wish to examine, nor is it a service that our informed customers wish to explore.