Rates & Payback Period

Brentwood Trading Company Loans are primarily charged at a base rate of 40%. This is one of the most competitive rates for Home Credit offered in the greater Belfast area. Compare the price of home collected and other cash loans available in your area at www.lenderscompared.org.uk Brentwood Trading Company also affords all customers breaks in loan repayments at Easter x 1, July x 2, and Christmas x 1.

Representative Example

Loan Amount £100

Credit repaid over 20 weeks by 20 weekly payments of £7

Total amount payable £140

Rate of Interest 104.29% p.a. (fixed)

481.4% APR representative

APR as a comparative tool

Annual Percentage Rate as a comparative tool was designed as a basis on which borrowers could compare LONG-TERM sources of finance such as Mortgages and Car Loans. The logic is that a loan spread over many years would be given a 1 year or Annual Percentage Rate as a means of offering a fair comparative to prospective customers. Since all Brentwood Trading Company Loans are over 20 weeks and thus less than 1 year, the application of an APR as a comparative mechanism offers no meaningful comparison with long term lenders.

Long term lenders provide an entirely different source of finance for entirely different uses. Home Credit is not intended as a long term source of finance such as that which some other lenders provide, with for example a Home Loan. Typical uses of Home Credit include holidays, family events, Christmas expenditure, and small home renovations.

No hidden charges

Brentwood Trading Company provides no hidden charges over the base rate. As distinct from other credit providers including credit card companies and payday lenders the amount repayable on any given loan will never increase beyond that amount originally agreed despite any unforeseen change in circumstances or an extension of the original repayment period.

We pride ourselves on affording our customers complete transparency in the loan process from introduction, to credit assessment, to credit agreement, to collection, and in all specific circumstances that our customers may encounter throughout their loan term.